‘Bipolar Wonderland’ – One Of My Bipolar Bears Shares A Beautiful Poem

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I’m delighted to share ‘Bipolar Wonderland’, another poem with you this week, submitted by Pammie Grant, one of my Bipolar Bears. This one has an Alice in Wonderland theme, one of my favourite stories, and I absolutely LOVE IT because I have often thought Alice’s trips through wonderland perfectly exemplify a lot about the bipolar life. I have strongly related to the story since I was a child, long before I knew I was bipolar, or had even heard the word.

It’s great to read your poems, keep them coming!! For now have a read of Pammie’s Bipolar Wonderland:

Bipolar Wonderland

Alice in your wonderland

Come on and help me understand

What’s in those capsules in your hand

To shrink your thoughts or make you grand

Hey Alice in your looking glass

Please say why you talk so fast

And obsess for hours on your past

Be the first to rise and go to bed last

Hey Alice shall we toast your drink

And see what colours and smells we think

Or if the day passes us in a blink

Perhaps it’s time our ideas shrink

Hey Alice have you seen that Hare?

I say we chase him over there

It seems that he is unprepared

That his lateness has him scared

Hey Alice there’s a man that chatters

Beneath a sign that says Mad Hatter

I really don’t think that it matters

But his clothes are all in taters

Oh Alice look I see a cat

He’s big and purple pink and fat

Upon the moon it seems he’s sat

A massive grin and then no cat!

Oh Alice see the queen all angry red

As she decrees ‘Off with their head’

Out of the wrong side of her bed

As we her roses shall behead

Alice run! It’s Tweedledee And Tweedledumb they follow see?

A freakshow day a this seems to be

An alternate and weird reality

Hey Alice lets just think it over

Feel lucky on this giant clover

Watch the tide as it sweeps us over

In our wonderland Bipolar

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