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Here you will find all of The Bipolar Bear’s Bipolar Disorder Resources, including free survival guides, and a bucket load of quotes on Bipolar, Mental Health, and how to COPE with, MANAGE, and EXPLAIN Bipolar Disorder.

Winter Is Coming – A Free Guide On Bipolar Disorder and Winter Depression

Bipolar Disorder Resources Winter Is Coming Bipolar Disorder and Winter Depression Survival Guide

The first in a series of free guides in the Bipolar Bear’s collection of bipolar disorder resources brings you my Top Ten Tips on preventing and managing winter depression, and coping with the long dark…

Bipolar Disorder Memes

Bipolar Disorder Resources Bipolar Disorder MEMESThe daily memes of the Bipolar Bear proved so popular on the Bipolar Bear’s Facebook page that I decided to offer them on the website as free bipolar disorder resources available for everyone! You can use these however you like. All images are royalty free, paid for stock. All I ask is that you DO NOT REMOVE THE URLs TO THE BIPOLAR BEAR’S WEBSITE AND FACEBOOK PAGE, and refer people to the Bipolar Bear whenever using them. Thank you!


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