The Bipolar Diet: Week 2 Check In, 1 Stone Down

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I’ve been quite quiet here on the blog of late, focusing on rebranding my business, and trying to sort out my diet and health permanently. There hasn’t been much to share, other than my usual summer downer throughout June and July. I was hoping it wouldn’t happen this year but it would seem that no matter how much progress I make, there is no avoiding it.

I’m now two weeks into a new healthy eating plan with Juice Plus protein smoothies and the Transform 30 plan. It’s a great plan that I’m loving but it has effectively turned me vegan, something I never thought I’d be able to do.

I’m still eating cheese occasionally but other than that, it’s veggies all the way. I’ve started recording vlogs again, for those of you interested this is my most recent, recorded just after my first trip to the gym in 5 years.

I’ve currently succeeded in losing 15lbs in two weeks, just over a stone, so I’m pleased about that.

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